How to Add and Withdraw WM?

FAQ - Payment and Webmoney How To

Adding funds with a prepaid WM-card in WM Keeper Classic: 1.    Start WM Keeper Classic and wait until it connects to the verification center. 2.    Choose “Add funds…”. 3.    A dialogue window will appear: choose the Z, R or U-purse you want to fund. 4.    Type a random number (it is required to generate payment [...]

Webmoney How to

Webmoney How To

-Why i choose Webmoney? Is payment via WebMoney for Ogpal secure? Yes, absolutely. OgPal is now allianced with Webmoney to provide more reliable and local payment options for gamers all over the world. Click here to view OgPal’s status by the Webmoney . -What is Webmoney? Webmoney is a global settlement system and environment for [...]

All Affiliate Related Questions

FAQ - General

What is OgPal Affiliate Program? It’s a program for you to make money by posting our banners/links at your own website, blog or discussion forum. The more popular the site is, the more money you will make. How is the payment calculated? If those customers click on banner/link and subsequently place an order, you [...]

Can I work for OgPal?

FAQ - General

Sure thing!   OgPal welcomes anybody who would like to join us because tt’s a great pleasure and honor for OgPal to be trusted and popular among players. But since all applicants are from all over the world and we cannot interview or keep close touch with them, it would be hard for OgPal HR department [...]

Notification to E-check Paid Customers

FAQ - Order

If you use PayPal E-echck to pay, your payment might arrive to our receipt account within a few days. Only after your payment arrives, we can process your order, delivering or refunding. If the price changes before you payment clears, we are authorized to adjust the amount you ordered according to the actual money we receive. That is to [...]

What is OgPoints?

FAQ - OgPoint

1.    What is OgPoint? OgPoint is a kind of rewarding points that donated by OgPal to every of our OgPal member in order to express our thankfulness. OgPoint can be used as the real money to purchase the items on OgPal, 1000points = 1$.

How to earn OgPoint?

FAQ - OgPoint

1.    Transaction Points. Every time the delivery has completed, you will receive a confirmation email, inside there is a link given to you. After you click the link you can get certain amount OgPoint. For example, if you pay 100$ guild wars gold, or 100$ maple story mesos, you can get 2000 OgPoints. Sometimes the [...]

How could I redeem my OgPoint?

FAQ - OgPoint

1.    How could I redeem the OgPoint? During the checkout process, there will be a box named “Redeem Points” (NOT coupon code box) to enter the amount of points you wish to redeem. Enter the amount of points you would like to spend or tick the box to use all available points. Tips: a.     The Redeem [...]

Terms of Service for Power Leveling

FAQ - Order

Your account will be safe with us as we take data security very seriously. We use encryption, firewalls and other technology and security procedures to help protect the accuracy and security of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access or improper use. For example, you will note that while using some features of the OgPal’s [...]

Get Started with CashU

CashU How To

>>What is a CashU Account? A CashU Account is for safe internet purchases, and very similar to a traditional Debit Card, yet much more secure. It is easy to control the available balance on your CashU account, and by limiting the available balance to only cover what is needed for your immediate purchases you eliminate [...]

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